What PA General Construction LLC Does

We specialize in different commercial and residential services, delivering our customers as many solutions as possible, trust on us to support your property needs. Choose what is best for you, we’re truly licensed, insured and bonded construction company.

Remodeling Services

We provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, if you’re tired of having an outdated bathroom or kitchen we’re the ones to remodel it, our staff will transform that old space into a comfortable room where you can enjoy with your family, friends and even coworkers and not only enjoy, you’ll also increase the value of your property. We will replace cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint and all you don’t want anymore, install new ones and if you prefer build custom cabinets.

Additions Services

If you would like to have a new space in your house or business, we can design a plan that meet all your needs, making sure to incorporate your ideas and specifications. Whether is new outdoor space, build a countertop in your existing kitchen or bathroom or an extra bedroom and bathroom we’re knowledgeable to create the new space you have always wanted. Get the space you need by hiring PA General Construction LLC, contact us right now.

Restoration Services

Are you looking for the best Restoration Company? You’ve come to the right place, PA General Construction LLC also provides restoration services including remediation to assess tree and remediate building damages caused by mold, mildew, fungus, fire or water. Our technicians provide high quality materials to offer you the best restoration service. For prompt and professional restoration service, hire us.

Major Home Repair

All those items in your property that got damage for some reason can be repair by PA General Construction LLC, we’re knowledgeable in roofing, flooring, drywall and much more repair services. We can handle from minor to major home and business damages, get in touch with us.

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